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Game Day 

When: Saturday, July 15th

Game time: 2 PM
Arrival time: TBC

Performance time: TBC ( eg pre-game / half time)
Location: Belmore Sports Ground Stadium CLICK HERE 

Performers must be 6 years+

Extra Rehearsal Day's

1. In studio full rehearsal 

When:  Thursday the 6th of July with all cheer students 

Time: 4.30-5pm

Location: Industry Dance Co. Studio's

2. Stadium Rehearsal

When: Sunday, July 9th 

Time: TBC- Most likely for two hours in the morning.

​Location: Belmore sports Ground 

If you cannot attend for whatever reason, please let us know asap.

On the day of the rehearsal.

  • Parents/caregivers are NOT permitted in the stadium.

  • No one is permitted to drive down Edison Lane or into the stadium.  

  • See google maps and pick an area for your group to meet prior to entering​​


$80.00 Each performer, An additional $35.00 if you require a blue IDC Cheerleader's T-Shirt. This includes the student's ticket, all rehearsal and performance fee's. This will be charged to accounts and Direct Debited on Thursday the 18th of May. 

Wet Weather Disclaimer: The performance will still go ahead in the case of damp/wet weather. Severe weather conditions or extensive wet damage to the field from prior weather may cause the cancellation of this event. Refunds for tickets are not offered in the case of cancellation of this event. 

What to Wear:  

Bottom: Black leggings girls / boys black shorts or trackpants

Top: Blue Industry Dance Co. Cheer T-shirt , Students can wear long white sleeves to stay warm if they wish.

Shoes: White Sports shoes/Joggers
Hair: High Ponytail.
Makeup: Foundation, Bronzer/Blush, Power, Brown Eye Shadow’s, Eyeliner, Mascara and Matte and Either, Pink, Nude or Clear Lipgloss (E.g. Click Here) 


​Students receive a ticket with their fee. Discounted Tickets for Parents (approx $15.)  can be purchased by parents via the Ticketek website. We will send out the discount code and Link as soon as the Discounted Tickets are available. 

  • Tickets are GA tickets for the hillside of Belmore, Grass + Seats within this area.  We currently are unsure where on the field we will be placed. We will let you know as soon as we know. 

  • Disclaimer - Once the ticket code has been provided, please encourage people to buy asap. Belmore games sell out and once they are gone we cannot offer more tickets. 


  • Belmore Sports Ground is a suburban stadium with street parking only.

  • On the day, there will be road closures (surrounding streets of the stadium will provide a map)

  • Please flag with your families that it will be very busy, and they may have to park far away. Street parking will be tight.


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