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Dreams in Motion - Where dreams come to dance.
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Industry Dance Co. presents 'Wildest Dreams' for our Mini and Tiny Twirlers concert at Goulburn Performing Arts Centre. (Click here for parking info) Proudly sponsored by Personal Support Solutions

When: Sunday, the 17th of December

Student Arrival: 9:30 am at the side stage door for check-in.

10am show.

Approximate Conclusion: 11:00am

Day Overview:

Students will be dropped off at the stage door & checked in. Parents will escort their children to the door of their designated change room & meet their Room Leader & Disney Princess (they are going to be lucky enough to meet the real Moana & Elsa!) Parents will then leave to find their assigned seat in the audience. Please note no parents are permitted to stay in the change-room areas as it is a requirement of the theatre, children will need to be dropped to their room door only. Students will then play games, practice their dance & prepare. They will then perform their dances - if they are in 2 numbers our staff and assistants will get them changed. After their performance students are able to be collected and signed out from side stage door.


To purchase your tickets too the show, click here!

Audience members under 3 are free if you are sitting on a lap. If you need to attend more then one concert as your children are split into two concerts please contact us for a discount code. 

Please be quick to buy your tickets, as last year we sold out faster then the Taylor Swift Concert (not quite, but they did get snapped up quickly!). For any ticketing issues or wheelchair accessible seating, please contact the GPAC Box Office (4823 4999) as we, the studio, have no control over the ticketing process. Ticket prices are $38 for adults and $33 for children.

Media Package and Photo Day:

This includes,

- x5 edited individual dance portraits in costumes

- Full concert video

- All stage photos

Pricing is, $75 or is capped at $100 if you have more than one child wanting the package. Photo day will be on December 16th. All elements of the media package will be emailed to our families who purchased approximately 2-3 weeks after the concert. Registration for our 2023 Media Package has now closed.

Additional Info:

  • Practice: We would love for our Twirlers to practice their routines at home! Here is the link that contains their in-class videos. Here is the link that contains their music. If you have any difficulties, please reach out.

  • Make use of our Facebook Parents Page and reach out to our veteran dance parents for advice.

  • Calm those nerves! Have everything packed and organised the week before the concert. We want this performance to be easy for parents and fun for performers. So, make sure you keep the day stress-free and use us teachers for help if needed.

  • Please rest assured that your little ones are in our best care at the concert. If at any time they become distressed or anything is to happen, we will be sure to call you right away.

  • If students do not arrive with the correct shoes or stockings we will be emergency hiring out our studio pairs and will need to be paid for at the conclusion of the concert.

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Hair and Makeup:

Hair - For out Twirlers it is required that they come hair in a slick high ponytail at the top of their head. If you are comfortable, please use hair spray or gel to help with slicking. If your little one has too short hair to achieve this hairstyle, please let us know, and we're happy to discuss alternatives. Here is a link if you need any help with getting a slick pony tail or the placement.

For our Twirler boys, we would like them to come with neat hair. Whether this means tying back longer hair or styling short hair with gel.

Makeup - Makeup for our Twirlers is 100% at the discretion of parents and whatever they are most comfortable with. Please do as little or as much as you are comfortable with. Pink lips only if you are doing lipstick. We have a dance makeup kit's available for purchase through the studio which includes foundation, setting powder, beauty blender, eye shadow, bronzer, blush, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil & pink lipstick for $80. Please see us in the studio to purchase so we can colour match your child. Here is a link for appropriate make up (just no red lipstick please!)

Shoes & Stockings:

Stockings and dance shoes are available for purchase in the studio. Please let us know if you require shoes or stockings. Purchase what you need as soon as possible as we are likely to sell out. Here is a list of the required accessories:

  • Mini Twirlers (18 months to 3 years): Black Jazz Shoes & Tan Stockings

  • Tiny Twirler Jazz (3 to 5 years): Black Jazz Shoes & Tan Stockings

  • Tiny Twirler Ballet (3 to 5 years): Ballet Shoes & Pink Ballet Stockings

  • Tiny Acro: Tan Stockings & Bare Feet

All shoes & stockings can be purchased in the studio.


In the first few weeks of Term 4, your dancer will begin trying on their dance costumes. Once your dancer is sized up, we will begin bagging the costumes with your child's name and a Disney princess on the bag. Our Disney princess labelling coincides with our room allocations at our end-of-year concert. Each room will have an allocated Disney princess. On the day, we'd like your little one to come dressed in their first costume. A link to the show run order will be sent out too you closer to the concert day. Having them dressed in their first costume allows for a smooth handover, and we won't need to rush to get the kids dressed. Please do not wear your costume at home as any damage is irreplaceable. You must also bring a spare pair of clothing in a bag to go home in as we will be taking the costumes off students at the conclusion of the concert.

T-Shirt: 2023 concert t-shirts are to wear too & from the concert and to our finale. It is a great keep-sake & doubles as studio uniform! Shirts are $45. Our Pre Order’s have now closed. See us in the studio to grab your size, we have limited spares available.


Packing List:

Please put your Twirler’s name on all items they will bring to the concert. Last year, we had a massive bag of lost property that most items never found their way back home. This includes labelling dance bags, all IDC uniforms, individual shoes, stockings, drink bottles, etc.

  • Costume Bag and All Costumes and Accessories

  • Correct Stockings

  • Correct Jazz and Ballet Shoes

  • Some Hair and Makeup Touch-Up Equipment

  • Mess-Free Snack and Water Bottle

  • IDC Uniform to go home in, e.g., Concert T-shirt & Tights or Shorts

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A big thank you to our incredible sponsors & for their generous support

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