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Echoes Untold, Stories Unfold

Proudly Presented by PDQ Lables

Illawarra Performing Arts Centre (Click here for map & address)

When: Sunday, the 26th of November 

Student Arrival: 3:30 pm for their rehearsal

Open's HipHop, Jazz, Acro, Pointe & Contemporary Arrival: 11:30 as you will be performing in the under the lights show also // Dance Apprentice students who are helping through the Wildest dreams show will be required from 9.00am

Showtime: 7:00 pm 

Approximate Conclusion: 9:00 pm


Run-Through of the Day: Students will be dropped off at the side stage door at their arrival time to be checked-in, they will be escorted by staff to their change room. Parents are to leave the venue and return at approx. 6.30 to find their ticketed seat. During this time students will run a stage and costume rehearsal to get them familiar with the space and plot their dances on the stage, along with a lighting and sound familiarisation. This is students opportunity to watch each others performance and for our photographer to grab some snaps. Students will then head back to their change rooms with their room leaders & assistants to do any hair and make up touches and prepare for their performance. After their performance students are able to be collected from the foyer to take photos with their families and teachers. 

Ticketing: Our tickets will go on sale on the 27th of October at 10am. These will be available via the IPAC Box Office on this link. Please ensure you purchase tickets for the correct concert and please be quick to buy your tickets, as last year we sold out faster then the Taylor Swift Concert (not quite, but they did get snapped up quickly!). If you have any uncertainties, please reach out to us for confirmation. For any ticketing issues, please contact the IPAC Box Office as we, the studio, have no control over the ticketing process. Ticket prices are $45 for adults & $38 for children. 

Hair and Makeup: 

Hair - For our female students, we require a middle part, sleek straight low ponytail. Use plenty of Hairspray and/or Gel to insure there are no fly-away's and each students hair is extremely neat. If your dancer's hair is too short to achieve this look, please let us know, and we can discuss an alternative. Click here for a hair tutorial.

For our Male Students, please have your dancers' hair done neatly, e.g., styled with pomade or gel, or pulled back for longer hairstyles. Please reach out if you have any questions regarding this. For our boys, we would like just an overall neat look.

Makeup - The makeup we require for our concerts includes the following products: foundation, powder, bronzer, blush, brown/tan eyeshadow, bright matte red lipstick, and mascara. For our older students, you are more than welcome to wear false eyelashes. Click here for a make up tutorial.

We have a dance makeup kit's available for purchase through the studio which includes foundation, setting powder, beauty blender, eye shadow, bronzer, blush, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil & red lipstick for $80. Please see us in the studio to purchase so we can colour match your child.

Shoes & Stockings: Stockings, dance shoes, and Foot Thongs are available for purchase in the studio. Please let us know if you require shoes or stockings. Please do not leave this to the last minute, as we are likely to sell out.

  • Ballet: Pink Ballet Shoes and Pink Ballet Stockings

  • Jazz: Black Jazz Shoes and Tan Convertible Stockings

  • Hip Hop: Tan Convertible Stockings and Clean White Tennis Shoes/Joggers and white crew length socks

  • Tap: Black Tap Shoes, Tan Convertible Stockings, and Black Crew Socks

  • Contemporary: Foot Thongs and Tan Convertible Stockings

  • Acro: Bare Feet and Tan Convertible Stockings

  • Cheer: Tan Convertible Stockings, Clean White Tennis Shoes/Joggers, and white crew length socks

  • Circus: Bare Feet and no stockings

  • Musical Theatre: Tan Convertible Stockings and Black Jazz Shoes

All shoes & stockings can be purchased in the studio.

Costuming: Over the coming weeks, your dancer will be trying on their costumes in class. This is where their costumes are allocated to them and bagged into their allocated costume bag. These costume bags will come home with your dancer once all their tried-on costumes and accessories are in their labeled bag. Please leave the contents of the bag, including the costume, concealed and in a safe place at home to ensure the costumes and accessories aren't ruined or misplaced. Please ensure your dancer's undergarments match their skin tone and won't show in their costumes, your dancer is more than welcome to wear a bodystocking under their costume and if they are wearing a bra or crop top to have clear straps. We will send out any additional items that may need to go along with your dancers costume once they have tried their costumes on in class.

T-Shirt Ordering: Purchase one of our 2024 concert t-shirts that you may wear to & from the concert and to our finale. Please contact the studio if you haven't already ordered (& been charged) for a shirt and you would like one. 

Media Package and Photo Day: Signing up for our 2023 Media Package is still available. This includes x5 edited individual dance portraits in costumes, a copy of the concert video & all stage photos for $75 or is capped at $100 if you have more than one child wanting the package. The photo day will be on November 19. All elements of the media package will be emailed to our families who purchased approximately 2-3 weeks after the concert. Registration has officially closed, please contact the studio if you have any questions.

Packing List:

  • Costume bag, with costume and all accessories

  • Any additional components we have requested for your dancer's costume

  • Required stockings, shoes, socks, etc.

  • We sell Seamless, Nude Underwear, Crop or bra with clear minimal straps or body stocking in studio if required.

  • Some makeup and hair touch-up products: comb, hairspray, bobby pins, hair ties, makeup wipes, lipstick, powder, concealer

  • Mess-free snack and water bottle with water

  • IDC uniform to arrive and go home in

Please do not pack your child’s belongings in a ‘Dream Duffle’ bag or anything similar, as the venue has stairs to their main dressing rooms, and the rooms have limited space for such a big bag. Please ensure your child’s name is on everything, and they can identify what bag is theirs.

Additional info:

  • Practice - We would love for our Dancers to practice their routines at home! Here is the link that contains both their music and in-class videos. If you have any struggles, please reach out.

  • Make use of our Facebook Parents Page and reach out to our veteran dance parents for any advice.

  • Stay calm and organised the week before the concert. We want this performance to be easy for parents and fun for performers, so keep the day stress-free and use us teachers for help if needed.

  • Please rest assured that your dancers are in our best care at the concert. Please let us know if you have any concerns regarding behavior or medical issues your child may struggle with.
















A big thank you to our incredible sponsors & for their generous support

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