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2023 End of Year Concert

Brief information break-down, more coming soon...

Tiny & Mini Twirlers present "Wildest Dreams" where dreams come to dance.

Industry Dancers present "Echo's" expressions echo, stories unfold.


Sunday 17th December


Goulburn Performing Arts Centre, 163 Auburn Street.


Coming soon... 

Rough sequence of events as follows

  • Morning: Our Tiny & Mini Twirlers will mesmerise you with their 'Wildest Dreams' show. (1hr max show, with Mini’s only required for approx. 30 minutes total).

  • Midday: 6’s-Opens students arrive for their rehearsal

  • Afternoon: 6’s & 8’s Perform their show

  • Evening: 10’s,12’s & Opens Perform their show

Extra information:

Costume and payment information

We have put together a Costume & Performance Package for all students at a reduced price. Each $40 package (per dance).

Important dates for charging of the costume and performance fee

50% of your hire costume package charges applied September 19th, and the remaining 50% on the, 31st of October. Both of these payments can be spread over 4 interest free instalments with ‘PayPal Pay in 4’ if you would prefer break up the balance. We will send out an email before you are charged with how to do this should you wish.


Please note

There will be no refunds given for the costume payment.

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