10th & 17th December!
-Camden Civic Centre-

Fortunately, we have been lucky to be able to go full steam ahead with our 2021 concert.
We welcome you to join us for.....

Our 2021 Concert - RESILIENT



1. $35 Concert and participation cost.

This year we have opted for no costumes (for a number of reasons,  mostly as there are frequent quick changes due to breaking up ages to have a minimal number of students there at one time)

2. $25 ticket entry for audience.


The $35 Concert fee will be added to your account on the 16th of November & payment will be direct debited on the 18th with week 8 & 9 Tuition. 

General Information

Concert T-shirt form 

All students will receive a concert t-shirt that will be worn for the entire show, for all dances.
We ask that all students pair this with black bike shorts.

Kmart Black bike shorts kids $3.50 - click hereKmart Black bike shorts adults $5 - click here
Please fill in the size form asap shirts will be order in the coming weeks 

On the day checklist! 
-IDC Concert tee-shirt 
-Black shorts (unbranded)
-All Dance Shoes
-Any additional pieces

-Spare Makeup
-Spare hair supplies

Hair, Make Up & Accessories


Will remain in a low slick middle part pony tail for the duration of the show. Please ensure you use gel and hairspray to firmly secure the hair. Straightened if possible (See picture)

For a hair tutorial video, please watch:


Free to wear whatever parents are comfortable with (none or all!)





-Brown Eye Shaddow's

-Mascara (if your little one will let you!)

-Red Lipstick (Matte & BRIGHT)

See the below tutorial and only do the step necessary to your age group level.





-Brown Eye Shaddow's

-Eye liner

-Lashes (Senior Students Only)


-Red Lipstick (Matte & BRIGHT)

See the below tutorial and only do the step necessary to your age group level.


Ballet Routines: Pink ballet shoes with elastic's 

Jazz Routines: Black jazz shoes  

Tap Routines: Black tap shoes (lace or buckle) 

Acro Routines: Bare feet 

Contemporary Routines: Foot thongs 

HipHop Routines: All Black sneakers

Cheer Routines: White sneakers 

Musical Theatre Routines: Black Jazz Shoes 


I can’t stress this enough, bags, shoes, iPads everything. 

-Camden Civic Centre-

Twirler (Mini & Tiny) performers arrive 5:00
5:30-6:30 Show Time
(No stage rehearsal required)

Arrival for Stage rehearsal 6:45pm
7pm Stage rehearsal start time
8:30pm Stage rehearsal finish time

Junior/Primary Arrive at 5:00pm
5:30 - 6:45pm Show Time
(No stage rehearsal required)

Inter/Sen/Pre arrival 7pm
7:30 - 8:45pm Show Time
Concert ticket link
Concert tickets will go on sale on November 7th at 8pm. Tickets are assigned seating. There is no limit on tickets as we have a 400-500 seated theatre and smaller student numbers for concerts as we have split concert ages. 
Photography & Videography
Stage photos will be taken in show time & available for your purchase, they have been organised by Tenille Salmon from Soul Images.
Correspondence regarding the purchases of the images will be released in the coming weeks. 

We haven't organised a videographer for this year, if there is enough interest to cover the cost then we will do so, otherwise we are happy for parents to film themselves. If anyone doesn't want their child filmed please email us & we will put an announcement out. If this is the case we will organise an alternate for parents.


I know for some of you this will be your very first dance concert but for others this will be your 5th with us! We like our concerts to be stress free for students and parents. Try to make use of our ‘Industry Dance Co. Tahmoor Parents’ facebook group as other parents have some great tips and tricks for you. (  


 I would like to thank you again for your support throughout Industry Dance Co.’s concert. We can’t wait to show you what we have created!