General Information

Due to the unpredictable & serious nature of COVID-19, we do not believe that dance schools can safely put on live audience shows as we traditionally do (especially with the recent cases spiking). The risk to our performers, staff & audience members is too great as social distancing cannot be adhered to. We also do not want venerable people (immune-compromised or elderly) to have to miss out on such a special event. 


We are taking things to the next level....

We are making our students feel like stars, giving them a professionally filmed concert experience. We have award winning country music video creator Jay Seeney coming in to create a music video for each class, equiped with custom lighting tailored for each class. Each student will be featured within the film along with wide shots, so you get to see plenty of your child shining on film. You can check out some of Jay's videos here.

Turn over should be 1-2 weeks maximum on the entire film, each family will receive a streamable and downloadable copy so it can be kept and accessed forever.

Please see a video example below which is some of our teachers filmed by Jay. 

And to take things to the next level... again...

We will be hosting VIP premier nights as soon as the films are complete, so students get to see themselves on the big screen for the very first time, with a red carpet and paparazzi to complete the experience. 

"Bloom" our 2020 concert theme

We feel as though 2020 was a year that for us, as a studio, we felt like we had to re-start... re-bloom. We have named the concert Bloom as we feel as though we have flourished out of some pretty dark days & the concert is reflective of this with some feel-good, happy dances and music. 


DATE: 28th & 29th of November


Costs involved

We have made our 2020 concert as cost effective as possible for all involved. 

$30 Concert Tee Shirt (used for all dances)

$30 Video Production Fee

$10 per dance participation & accessories Fee

The fee's will be added to your accounts in 2 blocks - $30 will be added to the weeks 3 & 4 Direct Debits, and the remainder will be added onto the weeks 5 & 6 direct debit. 

IDC will supply any accessories that dance may require (hair bows, extra pieces for costume etc. - customised for each routine).


All students will wear their concert tee-shirt for all routines. We ask that all students pair this with black bike shorts. If your class requires additional pieces (leggings etc.) you will be individually contacted. 
Kmart Black bike shorts kids $3.50 - click here
Kmart Black bike shorts adults $5 - click here
Or if you already have a plain pair at home - great! Just make sure the are unbranded. 
Also - no stockings required.
On the day checklist!
 IDC Concert tee-shirt
 Black shorts (unbranded)
 All Dance Shoes
 Any additional pieces
 Spare Makeup
 Spare hair supplies

Hair, Make Up & Accessories

All hair:

Will remain in a low slick middle part pony tail for the duration of the show. Please ensure you use gel and hairspray to firmly secure the hair. (See photos)

For a hair tutorial video, please watch:

Please arrive with hair complete

Tiny & Mini Twirlers:

Is totally up to each individual parent - we recommend pink lipstick & some BB cream if possible.

Junior & Primary:

​-Foundation or BB cream



-Brown Eye Shaddow's

-Mascara (if your little one will let you!)

-Red Lipstick (Matte & BRIGHT) - this is important so their faces have colour

See the below tutorial and only do the step necessary to your age group level.

Intermediate & Senior:




-Brown Eye Shaddow's

-Eye liner

-Lashes (Senior Students Only)


-Red Lipstick (Matte & BRIGHT) - this is important so their faces have colour

See the below tutorial and only do the step necessary to your age group level.

Please arrive with make up complete. 

Shoe Requirements

Ballet Routines: Pink ballet shoes with elastic's.

Jazz Routines: Black elastic jazz shoes.

Tap Routines: Black tap shoes

Acro Routines: Bare feet

Contemporary Routines: Foot thongs

Cheer Routines: All white sneakers

Musical Theatre Routines: Jazz Shoes

Hiphop Routines: All white sneakers

All shoes can be purchased from the studio.


I can’t stress this enough, bags, shoes, costumes, iPads everything. 


We will be filming at our Goulburn studio's. When you arrive, please ensure students go directly to our small studio as filming will be in our large studio. 

Drop off instructions:

Sticking to our COVID safe plan & having the least amount of people within the centre as possible, we ask that parents to a kiss & drop outside. Our staff will be out the front to assist with getting students within the studio & to do check in & out's. 


28th & 29th of November.

Please note: We have allowed for breaks in-between dances to allow for students to catch their breath and prepare for their next routine. For example, primary dance will be follow by junior dance, then back to primary and so on.

Each dance will take about 20-30 minutes to film with about 6 takes required.

If students have an extended break between dances, students are welcome to stay & we will be sure to keep them occupied. 


How have we already subsidised the cost and what can you do to help?


We are asking that students take home a box of fundraising chocolates to sell to assist in the production (keeping the cost as low as possible for you). These will be handed out in week 2 of term 4 & we will need the money back in week 4 of term 4.


We are also looking for some class sponsors - $50 per class & your add will be placed at the beginning of the specific class video. Please contact us if you are interested or know someone who might be. 

As you can imagine, the cost of the film alone, plus lighting, costume accessories & staff wages is astronomical, so we are trying to raise as much money as we can to keep the cost low for our families. 


We have just released our Industry Dance Co. App - available on the itunes apple store and android googleplay. 

ITUNES: download here

GOOGLEPLAY: download here

We encourage you to download the app and login using your parent portal (contact us if you need help) as concert information and reminders will be updated on the app.

We also have a parents page which allows you to connect and ask questions to other families, here is the link: